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What CFOs Need to Know About Financial Reporting

Despite recent advances in automated financial reporting tools, many CFOs still rely heavily on static spreadsheets for producing financial statements. As a result, finance leaders are often looking for ways to reduce the duplication of efforts and manual intervention in order to streamline the financial reporting process and improve the accuracy and agility of reporting.

While forward-thinking finance teams are becoming more adept at financial reporting, many companies are still closing the books in much the same way they have in the past decade. Average-performing finance teams take six days to close and consolidate their books, according to The Hackett Group’s 2016 Hackett Finance Benchmark. Top performers are able to leverage techniques and/or technology to shave two days off that process.

This eBook tackles the latest developments in financial reporting tools and systems. We will share what CFOs need to know about the latest financial reporting capabilities.

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