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In today’s global business landscape, the only hard and fast rule is that there are no longer any hard and fast rules. Companies that have not done business abroad or are entering unfamiliar markets are looking for a strong financial partner to help them navigate potentially choppy waters. Even if a company is well on its way to overseas expansion, the playing field is rapidly changing, and an experienced partner can ensure that a firm is well positioned to take advantage of a global marketplace.

This eBook will explore the key considerations for companies looking to broaden their business networks beyond their borders, including:

  • Exploring some of the challenges involved in establishing an international operation, such as opening an overseas account in a foreign currency
  • Establishing a secure financial footing for reducing risk of exposure to currency uctuation, including multi-currency accounts and forward exchange contracts;
  • Outlining what finance professionals need to know about foreign credit solutions such as import/export letters of credit and trade finance solutions;
  • Looking to future initiatives for establishing and growing a global business.

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